Fashion Friday: Germany Inspiration

Hey everyone 🙂 I’m sorry this post is late but it is still Friday :p This post is dedicated to one of my very good friends Andi who is a huge Germany fan.

Germany Home Kit

I actually had fun this week because I combined colors that I wouldn’t normally think of putting together. Red and yellow are very bold colors but mixed with 2 neutral colors of white and black, you can make some fun outfits.

The first look based on the home kit is the most formal. The brightness from the bag and shoes are enough to make this plain dress stand out. Plus I chose the top part to be white and the bottom black, just like the home kit where the shirt is white and shorts are black.

This outfit is a bit more preppy and I was going for a Blair Waldorf feel, hence the red headband. The belt adds the yellow and it is in a bow shape so it matches the headband. The top already has some detailing around the neck so there is no need for a necklace, just simple earrings.

This was the most casual look out of the three. I love the mustache necklace and the earrings are polka dots which gives the look a funky vibe.

Germany Away Kit

Next is the away kit which they wear with white shorts. I absolutely love this green shade and being in the southern hemisphere, we are already entering summer. The colors of white and green give off a perfect summery vibe!

If you find a dress you love, it’s the easiest thing to wear. Just a few of the right accessories and you look polished. In this outfit a hat, white sandals and stylish watch make this simple dress look trendy.

This outfit is one of my favorite looks because I didn’t follow any specific look. I mixed things together but because I kept everything relating to the same color scheme it works. I love shiny things so I love these glittery emerald flats! The pearl bracelet is classy and I have a thing for feather earrings. The silver belt just adds a bit more of sparkle.

I mentioned last week that white might initially look boring but with accessories can look refreshing. This color of green gives it the perfect modern summer vibe. If you’re like me and can’t spend the whole day in heels you can simply replace them with flat green pumps.

This week Germany’s logo doesn’t differ at all to their home kit but since I know some of you are entering fall, I thought I would do 2 warmer outfits.

This look is casual with black treggings and a red top but it looks polished immediately because of the white blazer. You can easily wear a long warm white trench coat if it’s really cold. The black boots keep the bottom half streamlined and the mustard scarf adds the yellow. I also found those earrings really cool :p

This is more for a lazy day when you still want to look good. A slouchy white jersey is comfortable and the black tights will keep you warm. The shoes I thought were quite interesting since they matched the color scheme perfectly but you can easily replace it with black boots. I found the yellow earnings cute and added a red scarf.

Well I hope you all enjoyed it!

Let me know if you want any country specifically next week!

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